We were recently asked if we would consider taking on a project started by another company.The project entailed finishing off and making good the work already started, we agreed and the TVR was duly delivered to us. The work consisted of remaking part of the exhaust,fixing all oil feed and return lines to and from the turbos, modifying the radiator, all water pipes, install the DTA P8 pro ecu and get it running. We found loads of other bits that needed attention which we dealt with,our client is now driving his pride and joy after 2 1/2 years . This TVR is very much a work in progress project.The latest mods we just completed are a needle roller spigot bearing conversion,we machined the carrier from a bronze bar.The turbo oil return was not ideally made so between Richard the owner of the car and Jamie they came up with this as a tempory fix .

The latest issue we had to deal with is tempereature,even with 2 fans the temperature started getting to close for comfort when in traffic or stop start type driving.

We made a cowling from 1.5mm sheet alluminium and fitted the fans directly to it,we also made some beefier mounts to keep the intercooler mounted to the rad.The end result is super consistent coolant temp with minimal fan operation