rear bulkhead before removal

spare wheel well removed

We have had this project lurking around for a while!

After initially getting stuck into the rusty bits we decided to put the bulkhead and tunnel back to standard.

The previous owner had intended to fit a Honda S2000 power plant and in doing so had hacked out the bulkhead and tunnel.

We found a donor vehicle and set about removing the necessary parts. This involved a colossal amount of cutting, drilling ,and grinding on both cars.

Our aim is to make the shell solid and usable. It will run a standard engine and gearbox with a 4:1 LSD. We have options for suspension and brakes depending on wheel size. The exhaust and manifold will be fabricated in house by Jamie to his own design.

We have a list of performance mods to do and our aim is to get to 200 WBHP in stages without going forced induction,all mods will be documented and backed up with dyno print outs,so watch this space!!.

Here are a few pics of the shell work so far.