Injector pipes drilled and tapped with pipes attached

Petrol injector rail replaced,a bit of a snug .

Keihin yellow injectors take care of delivering the fuel.

The all new VSI 2 ECU.

The reducer securely mounted to the inner wing with filter in easy reach for servicing.

We always use plenty of copper ease to stop electric coils corroding to the post

Pipe work and wiring to the multi valve all done .

All our tanks are installed to the same standard with custom brackets.All parts are coated in wax oil to prevent corrosion

60 litre tank sitting snugly in place of the spare tyre.

The LPG side of our business is quite small now, with most of our conversions being done for existing regular  customers who rely on our quality of equipment and the service we provide.

The Prins VSI system is regarded as the best in the industry for many reasons all of which are based on quality and reliability. With the release of the long awaited VSI 2 we have completed our first install using VSI 2.

The tried and tested hardware remains the same, the changes are to the software and ECU which incorporates internal emulation. Here are a few pictures detailing a typical Quest conversion.

All brackets used on our conversions are bespoke and fabricated on site from mild steel.

All components and drilled holes are treated with waxoil to prevent corrosion.