the offending part is removed with the plasma ctter

New piece made fitted and welded

Finished product ready for installation

Toyota 4×4 axels are renowned for being super strong and are highly regarded by the offroad fraternity.Some models are fitted with the Toyota “E” locking diff as standard and some are not.It is possible with a bit of work to retro fit the E locker into a standard diff pan,one of our local off road fanatics asked if we could undertake such a job to make his Suzuki bodied landrover engine and gearbox,d toyota axel,d hybrid become even better off road,we accepted the challenge.

Here are the first pics ,milling out the area soon to be occupied by the locking mechanism,it was a bit awkward mounting the axel case on the Bridgeport though!!.

All the machine work and welding is done,2 small areas have to be built up with weld to allow the  drilling and tapping of  3 new M8 holes.

The diff pan itself has to be modified as the new diff is slightly different ,so a piece is cut out a new bit made to shape from 3mm plate and then Tig welded in place,its then all deburred and made ready for paint.