custom merge collector 1Tri Y collector madeTri Y collector mounted on the custom gearbox bracket ready for the tube work

Tri Y collector mountedOne tube at a timeJamie,s careful  routing of the primary tubes has kept them very close to equal lengthAll in place and ready for final welding with spring reatiners on the slip joints

The finished product ,leak and sound checked….check

Our latest challenge is to build a manifold and exhaust to compliment the Harris Performance engine that is going into a P100 truck running twin 48,s and somewhere near 220 bhp and 8000rpm to play with.Charlie our customer has decided on a 4-2-1 tri Y manifold as specified by the engine builder, so here we go with the first few pics.



















The whole job is now finished and ready for Charlie to transplant his shiny new Harris pinto engine…with 220 BHP it should be lively to say the least.