Retaining springs for the slip joints

Our latest custom exhaust project is this excellent Buggy, the owner has already had his camper exhaust built by Jamie and asked if we would make his Bug exhaust.What was required is a system that is not as loud as the normal run of the mill systems and also a unique look.This posed a small problem,Bugs have been around for years so what do we do that is going to be a little different to the over the counter systems.Lots of head scratching and research later we came up with this,it is 100% mandrel bent tubes,all the pre formed tubes Jamie cut to length to make this elaborate array of tubes.Special stepped port outlets were made to bring the tube size up to 1 3/4 inch and also allow a ring spanner to tighten the retaining nuts.With all 4 primary,s and the 2 secondary’s being the same diameter should make the 1762cc flat 4 breath a little easier.The 2 small ish 4 inch x   6 inch silencers give this Bug a truly unique exhaust note producing a noise level that will keep the traffic plod happy . The bug is going to bee shown at the end of September and  owner and builder Nigel is quietly confident of a good placing.