This beautiful Mk1 1500 Super Cortina was brought in to us for a rehash of the exhaust,”its a bit low and scrapes quite a bit” Perry said , can you do anything with it?.It would be  a pleasure was the answer.

A bit of history on the car ,1965 Mk1 4 door 1500 super.The original owner purchased the car in 1965 and used it for 3 years putting approx 16000 miles on it ,he then in 1968 put it in a garage [dont know why but he did] completely wax oiled the hole car inside outside in the doors underneath etc, he repeated this every year to make sure it did,nt rust.The car was acquired approx  4 years ago by the current owner,it took him days to remove the wax ,to find underneath a mint example of this model.he added his own twist to the car with a 2 litre pinto on 45,s,mini lite wheels and sticky tyres,all original running gear has been kept.The car has had no welding what so ever with only a bit of paint work …not bad for a 47 year old motor.Anyway the exhaust was the problem so Jamie set about fitting a system to the car from the manifold to back box.The Ashley back box was modded to stop it banging on the axel.The result was a very low MK1 that could go over speed bumps etc.