We always like to be a bit different here at Quest and keeping our ties to LPG as a fuel we jumped at the opportunity to acquire the liquid LPG systems used to power the Team A.O.N Ford Focus BTCC, driven very successfully by Tom Chilton and Tom Onslow-Cole.

The systems are prototype liquid injection developed by Prins, the market leading LPG manufacturer in Holland.The quality of the components is the usual Prins very high standard tanks are aluminium and are fully baffled. The cars produced around the 310BHP at the wheels. Much more was available but this made them undriveable!!

The cars used two injectors per cylinder but were due to go to single injectors when the programe was dissolved due to technical rule changes.

This has given us the opportunity to take advantage  of all this equipment going to waste. Here are a few pics of the tanks and injectors. We plan to put the first system on our own E30 track car to test the water.