BMW E28BMW E28BMW E28BMW E28BMW E28Probably not the first choice for a track car, but Pristine Bodyworks owner Mick is a BMW nut through and through and this 216000mile example came up cheap.

So he set about transforming this heavy weight into a svelt lightweight all purpose track car.

We were commissioned to build the roll cage and do a few weight trimming mods, like removing the rear parcel shelf, back panel, rear seat mounting box etc.

We also had to patch up the front n/s floor before the cage could be fitted. As this car is not going to be raced properly the tube work is being done in  2.6mm wall thickness 44.5mm tube to keep the weight down whilst still maintaining strength in the chassis and body to “keep it really stiff” Mick said.

Here’s the first few pics of the build.

The tube work has started in earnest and its starting to take shape,we are going for a 6 point mounting with the rear turrets tied in to rear stays and rear arches for more rigidity.Here are the latest pics

one specific request from Mick was …”can you make a bracket for the NOS tank” yes mick no problem.

Mick has been busy with the spray gun,as you can see from the pictures a quick squirt of Kawasaki green soon brightened the old girl up.

Its due to go to Brands hatch this thursday 02/08/2012 , fingers crossed.